The New York City Replacement Marathon – Wrap-Up!

Below is the wrap-up email I sent out to interesteds and participants in the NYC Replacement Marathon run at 8am on Sunday, November 4, 2012, in Central Park. The post below is slightly modified from the original email. UPDATED: 11/18/2012

Hello, all!

Many of you participated in the NYC Replacement Marathon. Others of you emailed me and subways got in your way. Others just contacted me interested in the story.

I wanted to give you a wrap-up.


The New York City Replacement Marathon – Official Details!

NOTE: Check the bottom of this post for any updates. Even better, email me your email address so I can email you any changes. If you want to see the original information about this race idea, click here for the first blog post.


My name is Ben Hauck.  I’m a guy running a marathon in Central Park on Sunday since there is no NYC Marathon 2012.  It was featured in an article on the Huffington Post website.  I understand you’re interested in joining me.  Here are the official details of what I’m calling “The NYC Replacement […]

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