Ben Takes over Vincent D’Onofrio’s Desk on Criminal Intent!

Recently I got a call from casting explaining that there was an opening in the squadroom of the long-running television show Law & Order: Criminal Intent. The casting director asked me if I would be interested in the gig.


After a brief test, I got the gig. I later learned that the spot I took over was somewhat special because I was to be getting a desk, but not just any desk. It was the desk […]

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Law & Order: Criminal Intent // Multiple Episodes

Today I worked on three different episodes of the television series Law & Order: Criminal Intent:

I played a detective on Episode 09006 (“Lost Children of the Blood”).

I did hand-doubling work on Epispde 09007 (“Inhumane Society”).

I played a detective on Episode 09015 (“The Mobster Will See You Now”).

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