Hi! I’m Ben Hauck.

I’m an actor.

I’m also a voiceover artist.

I wrote a book on improv, too.

Current Projects

June 2022 – Last month saw what might be a record for me: the recording of four audiobooks!

I started out May concluding work on an audiobook for David P. Perrodin’s stimulating book about thinking during chaotic times, The Velocity of Information. Following it, I spent two weeks narrating and producing the audiobook for Evan Thompson’s science fiction title, Thomas Orbitz: Marked by Fire. After then, I had two other audiobooks to record: Dr. Binay Singh’s Ukraine in My Heart (a love letter to Ukraine) and Jeffrey A. Tennant’s The Way of Escape (a true story of surviving sex traffickers and healing).

This month, I gear up for another long stretch of what should be an intense schedule. In addition to continuing stand-in work on Last Week Tonight (where I’ve stood in for host John Oliver for the past eight seasons), the fourth and final season of the television series Manifest will come out of a scheduled hiatus to continue shooting. There, I stand in for male lead Josh Dallas. I’m eager for a return to finish up the series!

And for sure, I’ll also be cramming in voiceovers for clients around these audiobooks. In January, I finished work expanding my voiceover website, Ben Hauck Voice, which you can peruse at Voiceoverpro.co. It features an innovative online store where businesses and individuals order voiceovers from me directly. My voiceover work has expanded dramatically in the past year!

As for running, I’ve set my sights on some races. First, I signed up for the 5th Avenue Mile in September, which will be my first time running it I think since 2018. Then, I ran around a 5:51 mile. My record I think is 5:19. As I get older, I’m curious to see how much better-training can do for me in terms of how fast I can run this thrilling race. Second, I’m setting my sights on an October marathon. I haven’t committed to it yet, but I’ve planned out my training, and I’m bracing for all the running amid stand-in work and voiceovers before pulling the trigger. But after audiobooks started to calm, immediately I went into training my body again. With all that I have going on, it’s really hard to get in runs. But with a commitment to run, I’ve had to make some other changes. Wish me luck!


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