Hi! I’m Ben Hauck.

I’m an actor.

I’m also a voiceover artist.

I wrote a book on improv, too.

Current Projects

November 2022 – Reflecting on last month, October may have been my most successful to date!

Manifest is the popular television series where I stood in for the male lead Josh Dallas for all four seasons. We wrapped filming in October, and I ended up with a role in the series. It has been an incredible run on and for this television show, and I’m eager to watch it as it’s released on Netflix this month and next year.

After Manifest wrapped, I started production on the audiobook for Triumphant Transitions by Henry L. Hayes and Christopher H. McKinney. I finished about a week later, then immediately worked on producing a third audiobook for Ukrainian author Dr. Binay Singh — a biography about him by Jim Gregorius.

On the weekends, I’ve continued at Last Week Tonight to stand in for host John Oliver, where I’ve done that for the past eight seasons. We will wrap later this month our ninth season.

I’ve also continued my voiceover work for recurring clients, both on the weekend and during the week. After being incredibly busy since June, this month I will start to end up with more time to focus on and expand my burgeoning voiceover business. In January, I finished work expanding my voiceover website, Ben Hauck Voice, which you can peruse at Voiceoverpro.co. It features an innovative online store where businesses and individuals order voiceovers from me directly.

My exercise routine peaked early in October, and I’ve started to decondition as I attended to work demanding my time and attention. I am eager to get back into the gym and out for a run this month!

November looks promising for me. Let’s hope it is!


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