Hi! I’m Ben Hauck.

I’m an actor.

I’m also a voiceover artist.

I wrote a book on improv, too.

Current Projects

September 2022 – If July was sheer insanity, and August was rivaling it, then September may prove the most harrowing month yet … We’ll see!

For August, I worked almost seven days a week, and those days were sometimes from 4am until after 10pm, with my putting in 12-hour days on set, long runs toward marathon training, all the while trying to fulfill voiceover orders with the trickle of energy I have left.

Manifest is the popular television series where I’ve stood in for the male lead Josh Dallas for all four seasons. I’m there during the week. On the weekend, I’m at Last Week Tonight to stand in for host John Oliver, where I’ve done that for the past eight seasons. Any remaining weekend time tends to get filled up by other things competing for my attention during the week. Mostly, that is voiceover work, but also running and workouts — plus helping my family with their own burgeoning voiceover careers!

This month I will produce another audiobook for Dr. Binay Singh, who lives with his family in Ukraine. Earlier this year, I narrated the audiobook for his book on his love of Ukraine, written before the recent turmoil there. This month, I will narrate the audiobook for a new book he wrote upon the start of Russian occupation. Titled We All Stand Together with Ukraine, it is a personal story on Dr. Binay’s experiences in Ukraine during that time and now, and it’s an honor to give voice to this important book.

In January, I finished work expanding my voiceover website, Ben Hauck Voice, which you can peruse at Voiceoverpro.co. It features an innovative online store where businesses and individuals order voiceovers from me directly. My voiceover work has expanded dramatically in the past year!

This month, I am running the 5th Avenue Mile, which will be my first time running it I think since 2018. Then, I ran around a 5:51 mile. My record I think is 5:19. It doesn’t look as if I’ll have any chance of beating that record, because my training has been more focused on the marathon rather than the mile, and in warm, humid climate that promotes slower speeds. We’ll see what happens!

I still haven’t committed to a certain October marathon yet, but I might as well lock it in soon. Working in TV is quite a fight when it comes to getting in training runs. Wish me continued luck!


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