Hi! I’m Ben Hauck.

I’m an actor.

I’m also a voiceover artist.

I wrote a book on improv, too.

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January 2022 – Welcome to wherever we are.

It’s definitely a strange time. Last year, despite a whole bunch of terrible, in some ways it was my best year yet.

Professionally, I saw my work grow. Work on Season 8 of the Emmy Award-winning HBO variety talk series Last Week Tonight was remarkable. I worked with performers George Clooney, Will Ferrell, Rachel Dratch, Brian Baumgartner, Leslie Jones, and Cardi B. I also had a role in the last episode of the season. (I appear near the very end of this segment.) The opportunities as John Oliver’s stand-in on the series were truly immense this season. It is such a wonderful place to work, and I’m eager to see what’s in store for the ninth season.

Professionally, last year also began with, saw the cancellation of, then saw the rebirth of the television series Manifest for its fourth and final season. I’ve stood in for male lead Josh Dallas and Matt Long since the first season, and I was invited back on the series. Work will continue in the new year, and it’s wonderful being back there!

Last year, I narrated several audiobooks available on Audible, added innumerable recurring clients to my voiceover business, and really grew my voiceover business immensely. To date, I’ve recorded over 3,000 voiceovers. Toward the end of the year, I started to retool my sophisticated voiceover website, Ben Hauck Voice, which you can peruse at Voiceoverpro.co. It features an innovative online store where you can order voiceovers from me directly. I’m eager to see how my voiceover work will unfold this year!

After almost a year and a half delay, in December I finally finished digitizing some archival audio for the Institute of General Semantics. It is a fascinating peek back into 1948 (when these recordings were made) of the founder of general semantics himself, Alfred Korzybski, teaching his discipline to students.  I only had a handful of hours more to digitize, but since September 2020 it was nearly impossible to reserve even a few hours to do this side project. I’m thrilled it’s behind me now!

My fitness is sporadic while I navigate the somewhat chaotic nature of working long hours in television and fulfilling voiceover orders. It’s really a puzzle and sometimes exercise wins, sometimes it loses. But I’m already starting to wonder if I’ll do a marathon again in 2022. I’m not certain. We’ll have a see!


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