Ben’s Blogs

Below are some of the blogs I keep and update.

Stand-In Central

Stand-In Central is the website I founded in 2010 to provide hard-to-find information about the job of the TV/film stand-in. Stand-ins are those people around whom lights and camera are set up until the stars step in.

In addition to maintaining the website, I also am a frequent contributor to its blog — Stand-In Central’s Tips & Tricks Blog. The blog covers short- and long-form topics, and it includes interviews with stand-ins, discussions of collective bargaining agreements, and advice on how to do a fantastic job as a stand-in.

I update the blog weekly with niche information about standing in. New posts come out on Wednesday nights at 10pm Eastern Time. Usually I’m the author of the week’s post, though the website also has other contributors whose posts may publish instead.

Fi-Core Central

Fi-Core Central is the website I founded in 2015 to become the most authoritative website for actors about financial core status.

While I don’t update Fi-Core Central’s blog as much as I update Stand-In Central’s, from time to time I post topics of interest around financial core. is my website focused on the topic of acting and making money. The website’s main utility is that it hosts the show notes for my podcast, The Acting Income Podcast with Ben Hauck.

Once a weekly podcast, its publication schedule became more flexible as I got busier. While it is technically on hiatus, at any moment I may release a new episode and along with it a respective blog post.

O’er the Hills: My Running Blog

In this blog, I used to detail every run I did. I eventually realized I didn’t have enough time to do that (or the audience for it), so instead I now use this blog to document only my races and information related to them.

The blog contains my running goals and PRs (“personal records”), as well as race photos of me (“Oo la la!”) . I own a Garmin watch and I link to my Garmin account from time to time so you can see my running routes as well as my real-time running stats. It’s a great place to see how my, say, marathons went, or to get some information on how a race can go.

Off the Map: A Blog about General Semantics

As the subtitle suggests, I write about general semantics in this blog. I tend to write about new ideas inspired by general semantics or expound on lessons from general semantics.

This blog is where you may see some pre-writing for ideas that eventually make their way into published essays. It’s mainly for the person interested in general semantics.