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eBook // Listener’s Guide for IGS 1948 Summer Seminar-Workshop

Today, the Institute of General Semantics published on its website version 2 of my ebook, Listener’s Guide for IGS 1948 Summer Seminar-Workshop.

The ebook is included within a newly expanded MP3 collection of audio recordings I digitized from the IGS archives. The ebook helps lay out what happened at the 1948 course at Millbrook School in New York and provides valuable historical insight into the lectures contained in the collection.

My interest in general semantics goes back to my freshman year of college. I am a long-time board member for IGS and am also its […]

Zoom Seminar // Ward Studio Stand-In Workshop

This afternoon I was a Zoom seminar guest for Ward Studio’s “Stand-In Workshop.” I talked about Stand-In Central, the genesis of The Stand-In Handbook, as well as what working as a TV/film stand-in is about.

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Video Presentation // “Extensional Devices Revisited”

Today, at the 2020 General Semantics Symposium hosted by the Institute of General Semantics, my video presentation titled “Extensional Devices Revisited” was released.

The presentation gives a brief overview of general semantics and its founder Alfred Korzybski’s vision, mentions five linguistic devices he recommended for making one’s language more correspondent with empirical reality, and introduces two new extensional devices to the list.

The 15-minute video was uploaded to the IGS YouTube channel here.

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Essay // “What Can You Do for General Semantics? (J. Talbot Winchell Award Acceptance Speech) // ETC: A Review of General Semantics

My acceptance speech for the 2018 J. Talbot Winchell Award, given by the Institute of General Semantics, was recently published in the institute’s journal, ETC: A Review of General Semantics.

The speech is titled “What Can You Do for General Semantics?”  The issue in which the speech appears is ETC 75:3-4.

Video of the acceptance speech is online on IGS’s YouTube channel. An introduction by IGS treasurer Jacqueline Rudig is also online.

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