Hi. My name is Ben Hauck.  And I’m going to run a marathon on Sunday.

Not the ING NYC Marathon, because it’s been cancelled.  Instead, I’m going to run one in Central Park.

I’m going to use my Garmin 610 and run 4+ loops around the park until my watch tells me I’ve run a marathon.

Perhaps you’ll want to join me.

I’m just a guy. A guy who wants to run that day.

Email me via my contact form if you wanna join me.  I’ll update my blog and/or my Twitter account with additional info.  I think I’ll called this “The NYC Replacement Marathon.”  If you want a hashtag, try #nycrm.

Intermittently, I’ll post updates below.

I only speak English (and maybe a little bit of Bengali).  If you’re an international marathoner, you’re welcome to join me.  In fact, please do.  Let’s make this trip memorable for you.

Since I’m just a guy, treat me as just a guy.  I’m not an organization, I’m not an icon, I’m not a loser or winner.  You don’t have to run a marathon with me.  But if you want to, email me, and I’ll let you know what’s up.

UPDATE 7:12pm Friday: Start will be morning. I’m thinking 7:30am or 8am unofficially, to be determined Saturday. Start will potentially be the SE entrance to the park, known as Grand Army Plaza, accessible via the N train to 5th Ave.  If possible, the start will be the NYC Marathon finish but I can’t determine that in case that part of the park is closed off in light of the cancellation.

UPDATE: 7:14pm Friday: I’ll email people confirmation of receipt of email. Give me until morning.  I have a date tonight!

UPDATE: 10:25am Saturday: So far about 10 people are in for the NYC Replacement Marathon. That is fantastic. Tweet and retweet, even Facebook or tell people at the Expo.  Don’t let people be frustrated in the city without a marathon.

UPDATE 2:45pm Saturday: After surveying Central Park and the closure of the finish line, we will start the NYC Replacement Marathon at the SE corner of the park (E. 60th St. @ 5th Ave.).  Look for the large black “melted staircase” art installation.  Estimated start time right now is 8am. I’m trying to secure a singer to sing the national anthem. If you are a singer and want to sing us off on our 26.2 mile run, please contact me.  Also, an article about the NYC Replacement Marathon should be in the Huffington Post this eveninig.

UPDATE 4:14pm Saturday: The official email is out!  I’ll post the Official Details in a separate blog post, which you can access here.

UPDATE: 10:17am Monday: A wrap-up of the event is in a separate blog post, which you can access here.


P.S. Email me rather than post comments.