Parody Song // “Neckbeards and Land Whales”

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So, my friend vlogger Aimée Davison was telling me she was having trouble laying down vocals for a parody song she was creating for her YouTube channel called LOLpervs.  The song was about two popular internet concepts — “neckbeards” and “land whales” — which respectively refer to beard growth on a neck and obese people. I can’t speak for having … Read More

The New York City Replacement Marathon – Wrap-Up!

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Below is the wrap-up email I sent out to interesteds and participants in the NYC Replacement Marathon run at 8am on Sunday, November 4, 2012, in Central Park. The post below is slightly modified from the original email. UPDATED: 11/18/2012 Hello, all! Many of you participated in the NYC Replacement Marathon. Others of you emailed me and subways got in … Read More

“Outsider at Occupy Wall Street” // Documentary // Videography

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Today Aimée Davison posted on YouTube a documentary she did at the Occupy Wall Street protest in Lower Manhattan on October 30, 2011. I did the videography for the outing. Aimée was in town from Montreal for a presentation and we spent Sunday afternoon shooting in Zuccotti Park. We met some interesting people, captured some fascinating moments, and got a … Read More

Review of “Confessions of a Long-Form Improv Teacher” by Ben Hauck

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Today Aimée Davison posted on YouTube a review of my manuscript titled Confessions of a Long-Form Improv Teacher. Aimée worked as a beta-reader for the manuscript as part of her ongoing project called One Hundred Jobs, and she posted this video review in completion of the job. Feedback from beta-readers of my manuscript has been very positive. I will soon … Read More