Improvised Music Recording // With Angie Atkinson

Yesterday into early this morning I prompted singer/songwriter Angie Atkinson with suggestions for songs as she improvised vocally and with ukelele.  I also filmed the entire 40-minute engagement.

Not sure if someday the film will make it online fully or in pieces, but Angie created some pretty moving songs on the fly.

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Parody Song // “Neckbeards and Land Whales”

So, my friend vlogger Aimée Davison was telling me she was having trouble laying down vocals for a parody song she was creating for her YouTube channel called LOLpervs.  The song was about two popular internet concepts — “neckbeards” and “land whales” — which respectively refer to beard growth on a neck and obese people.

I can’t speak for having an opinion on these topics, though Aimée forwarded me the lyrics after I volunteered to lay them down for her.  I don’t have a very good audio setup at home so after I sent her my take, […]

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