Ben Hauck’s SlateShot Makes the ActorIntro SlateShot Hall of Fame

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This morning I found out that one of my SlateShots — a very short introductory clip tailored to masthead an Actors Access profile — was chosen for the first ever ActorIntro SlateShot Hall of Fame. My SlateShot — which mentions my being like the male version of Flo from Progressive — appears around 2:50 in the video. Links Hall of … Read More

Behind the Scenes Video // “Vision in the Moonlight”

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For Layla Ji’s Columbia student film Vision in the Moonlight, I play Visa Officer #2, the main visa officer who faces off against the short’s main characters, two Chinese family members looking to gain access to the United States. In this behind the scenes video, I talk about the layers of the role and how I landed the gig. For more … Read More

Improvised Music Recording // With Angie Atkinson

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Yesterday into early this morning I prompted singer/songwriter Angie Atkinson with suggestions for songs as she improvised vocally and with ukelele.  I also filmed the entire 40-minute engagement. Not sure if someday the film will make it online fully or in pieces, but Angie created some pretty moving songs on the fly.

New Video Series // “Reading ‘Long-Form Improv'” with Ben Hauck

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Today I released the first videos of my new series supplementing the chapters of my book Long-Form Improv.  The series is titled “Reading Long-Form Improv“ and it’s viewable on my YouTube channel. Each video is dedicated to a chapter in my book, and each fleshes out the topics in the chapter for even better understanding. I’ll be releasing videos periodically, so subscribe … Read More

Parody Song // “Neckbeards and Land Whales”

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So, my friend vlogger Aimée Davison was telling me she was having trouble laying down vocals for a parody song she was creating for her YouTube channel called LOLpervs.  The song was about two popular internet concepts — “neckbeards” and “land whales” — which respectively refer to beard growth on a neck and obese people. I can’t speak for having … Read More

Interview on “Long-Form Improv” with Lucy-Jade Norris // “On Deck with Lucy” Web Series

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The über-talented Lucy-Jade Norris hosts On Deck with Lucy, an interview series that features talent, trends, and tastes of New York City.  She interviewed me for Episode 3, and here’s the video which just came out. In the video we cover my book Long-Form Improv, my all-improvised web series The Infinite Need, and the improvised sermons I do as the Reverend Raymond … Read More

Interview // Lucy-Jade Norris, Host

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This afternoon I was interviewed by Lucy-Jade Norris for her new series On Deck with Lucy.  The interview should be out in October.  In it, we spoke of my new book Long-Form Improv, my all-improvised web series The Infinite Need, and the improvised sermons I do as the Reverend Raymond Nader. Then, I turned the tables an interviewed Lucy for my Artist Interview … Read More