In a June 3, 2012, article in New York Magazine (see the article online here), I was quoted in a story about feet.

Or rather, misquoted.  Despite my correcting a fact checker about what I said, somehow this quote made it into article on the topic of 2XU compression socks, which I’ve used in marathon training:

“These are the same socks the elderly wear to prevent blood clots. They keep your circulation flowing so your feet still feel comfortable after a long day of training.” —Ben Hauck, marathon runner

2XU socks are not “the same socks the elderly wear.”  Compression socks are the general type of sock an elderly person with circulation issues might wear, but not specifically 2XU socks, which are presumably designed for athletics.  Also, I don’t remember saying anything about blood clots.  If that’s what compression socks prevent, I just learned something from my misquoted self!