Trailer for The Switch!

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The trailer for the film The Switch is out! See it here: Also, check out the film’s website: In the film, I was the stand-in for Jason Bateman. In the trailer, you’ll see my feet in the beginning (sperm rains down on them–not as bad as it sounds). You’ll also see my hand holding the white cup toward … Read More

Law & Order: Criminal Intent // Episode 09011 // “Gods and Insects”

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Today I played a Wall Street passerby and stood in for Jim True-Frost on Episode 09011 (“Gods and Insects”) of the television series Law & Order: Criminal Intent. I also passed along to Jeff Goldblum’s assistant my recent essay titled “The Day Michael Jackson Died” from ETC: A Review of General Semantics. The essay covers the rumor about Jeff’s death … Read More

The Baster Is Now Titled The Switch!

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I just heard word today that The Baster, the romantic comedy for which I stood in for Jason Bateman, has officially changed its name to The Switch. This sounds like a better, more pronounceable (!) name for the film. Simple and brilliant! I need to get around to updating my website’s references to The Baster so they’re now The Switch. … Read More

Stand-In Central Officially Released

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I’ve been working on a website dedicated to the work of the TV/film stand-in. It’s called Stand-In Central and I officially released it earlier in the day. Stand-In Central is aimed at being a friendly and helpful resource for learning how to do the job of the stand-in. It features a Tips & Tricks Blog, a definition of the stand-in … Read More