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Ben Hauck

Ben Hauck in Angie Atkinson’s Indiegogo Informercial

About This Project

My good friend, singer-songwriter Angie Atkinson, wanted to raise money for her next album using Indiegogo. Angie asked if I’d like to create the video with her, and I was a resounding yes! Her music is incredible.

The video she created spoofed infomercials of yore. It’s pretty hilarious. A lot of the concert footage I shot for her in the past. Great to see it incorporated into the video!


Written and directed by Angie Atkinson.
Video by Ally Tully.

Guy: Ben Hauck |
Gal: Angie Atkinson |
Voice: Andrew Hutcheson

Filmed January 18, 2014, in Angie’s bedroom in Brooklyn, NY.


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