Welcome to the my new running blog

Howdy! Ben Hauck here. I would like to welcome you to my new running blog titled “O’er the Hills.” In this blog, you will find documents of my runs, particularly those runs as I train for upcoming marathons.

As of this post, I’m not really running. I ran the Philadelphia Marathon in November 2009, managing a 3:07:32 personal record and qualifying for the Boston Marathon. Since then, I’ve done a lot of television work and sitting at my computer building a website, and just one run on New Year’s Eve into the New Year in Central Park at a very slow pace. I miss running but I’m not ready to pick it back up just now. But soon enough I’ll be putting in leisurely miles, and eventually I’ll be putting in more serious miles! At least for as long as I stay healthy.

So stay tuned! Susbscribe to the feed for this blog to get updates when I start to post regularly about my runs and races. Untill then, happy surfing. 🙂