This blog is a record of my running, mostly in the pursuit of accomplishing races of 26.2 miles, standardly known as marathons.

Mixed in this blog are reports from races I’ve done, photos from said races, reviews of products I’m using, general news from my training, and other stuff, but mostly records of my progress as I train for this marathon or that.

Usually I update my running blog right after I finish a run or within the day of a run. If you’re interested in watching my progress to my goals, then subscribe via RSS or just check back when you have the time. If it’s an action-packed running blog you’re looking for, you best go elsewhere, though you’ll probably find something inspirational as I navigate obstacles like long hours on set, slow runners, inclement weather, and physiological deterioration in the drive to achieve my running goals. Look out!

Ben Hauck

I’m Ben Hauck, an actor, writer, and teacher based in NYC.

Most of my runs I do in my beloved Central Park. If you’re a runner, you might see me there. And if you see me there, tell me you read my running blog. It will probably make me smile!


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