Goals & PRs

I have canceled my entry into the NYC Marathon 2013. I will not be running any marathons in 2013.

My projected finish time for the NYC Marathon is 3:10.
My blog updates for now5/19/13 consist of occasional races and running experience. Stay tuned! NOTE: In an effort to focus more on training, I have decided to not really blog my training. However, I plan on continuing to blog about my races and general news related to my running.


A “PR” is American runner-ese for “personal record.” For some people, running is about competing with one’s past accomplishments. While that’s not always my goal, sometimes it is. Below are some of my PRs.

Ben’s PRs

Updated: 8/24/2012

Fastest Marathon Philadelphia Marathon 3:07:32 11/22/2009
Fastest Half-Marathon NYRR Grand Prix: Queens Half 1:27:30 9/20/2009
Fastest Mile Fifth Avenue Mile 5:19 9/26/2009
Fastest Boston Marathon 2011 3:15:16 4/18/2011
Fastest NYC Marathon 2011 3:13:49 11/6/2011
Fastest 10K* Boomer’s Cystic Fibrosis Run to Breathe 42:51 7/21/2012

* I have run this distance faster in training and in at least the NYC Marathon 2011 (41:43), but since these weren’t official 10K races, I’ve decided not to count them in my PRs.