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Ben Hauck Interviewing a Guest Blogger

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On August 7, 2010, I played host at the Yahoo! Shine booth at BlogHer ’10 at The Hilton New York. The theme for the booth was “You. Reinvented.” and it focused primarily on the stories of women and how they had reinvented themselves.

It was a great, fun experience interviewing so many exciting, creative, and innovative women. We produced a number of high-quality, short videos. The women all had their hair and makeup done prior to the interviews.

See below for selected videos from my hosting assignment.

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Dana Walsh »
Sarah White »
Tara Cousineau »
Deborah Hines »
Shannon Morgan »
Mia Shelton »
Sandy Jones »
Nichelle Pace »
Andrea Fellman »
Nicole Blades »
Michelle Perrone »
Faith Dow »
Shireen Mitchell »
Connie Roberts »
Erin Lane »
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