“Ben & Marianne” // Damon Alfonso, Photographer

“Ben & Marianne” // Damon Alfonso, Photographer 2014-05-16T19:55:46+00:00

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My model friend Marianne was coming into NYC from Montreal and I suggested to Damon Alfonso we shoot. Marianne and I ventured to Williamsburg where we met up with Damon and went to an empty lot with a building whose wall was knocked out. It was a painfully bright June afternoon and quite hot.

After shooting in the lot, we ventured to a nearby pier where Marianne shot alone with Damon on some rocks along the water. The first shot Damon edited Marianne into and gave it some styling. The other two shots were among the more interesting ones from the shoot.


Photos by Damon Alfonso.

Shot June 24, 2007, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York.

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