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Project Description

About This Project

A completely improvised film created, shot, and edited during the Unscripted New York Improvised Theatre and Film Festival and screened May 27, 2012.  In this ensemble film, I play the bizarre director obsessed with a pretentious artistic vision.


Executive Producers
Artistic New Directions
Unscripted New York
Artsy Fartsy Productions

Produced By
Mandy May Cheetham
Heather Smith

The Muse (Wife #1): Mandy May Cheetham | http://www.mandymaycheetham.com
Carl: Karl Dominik | http://karl.planetkarl.com
The Director: Ben Hauck | http://benhauck.com
Aaron: Matt Kaplan
Wife #2: Heather Smith | http://commsartist.tumblr.com/about
Michelle: Michelle Francesca Thomas | http://www.michellefthomas.com

Directed By
John Chan
Mandy May Cheetham

Director of Photography
John Chan

Written By
Mandy May Cheetham
Karl Dominik
Ben Hauck
Matt Kaplan
Miles Lindahl
Heather Smith Lutkin
Michelle Francesca Thomas

Edited By
Mandy May Cheetham
Karl Dominik

Filmed on location at Shetler Studios Theatre 54, May 24, 2012.

Special Thanks
Chris Lutkin
Scotty Watson

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