“The Reverend Raymond Nader” // Brent Murray, Photographer

“The Reverend Raymond Nader” // Brent Murray, Photographer 2014-05-16T20:25:11+00:00

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I perform comic improvised sermons as The Reverend Raymond Nader. I was doing the character in a hillbilly sketch show called Ding Dang!, and Brent Murray, a photographer friend of a cast member, said he wanted to shoot me as my ecstatic character. This is the product of our shoot at 939 8th Ave. in Manhattan.

For video of me as The Reverend, check out past sermons on my YouTube channel’s playlist of sermons. Better yet, you gotta see one in person! Click on Upcoming Appearances in my News Blog for information on my next comic improvised sermon.


Photos by Brent Murray.

Shot March 31, 2007, at the fourth floor studios at 939 8th Avenue in Manhattan, New York.

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