The Donna Reed Show // “Just a Housewife”

The Donna Reed Show // “Just a Housewife” 2014-05-16T10:31:12+00:00

Project Description

About This Project

I play Donna’s husband Alex in this scene for the Sight and Sound Studio final of NYU film student Melissa Ladner. On this project is where I met my good friend Mandy May Cheetham, who played Donna Stone.

Improv Take

Below is an outtake in which we were allowed to improvise off the text.


Adapted from Episode 219 of The Donna Reed Show, “Just a Housewife.”

Directed by Melissa Ladner

Donna Stone: Mandy May Cheetham |
Dr. Alex Stone: Ben Hauck |
Jeff Stone: Michael Yoson

Filmed April 13, 2012, for a New York University 3-camera workshop.


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