“Pedestrian Crossing”

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Ben Hauck & Lucy-Jade Norris

I met Lucy-Jade Norris while working together for a promotion in February 2012.  We hit if off.  Lucy had been considering an idea for a dating show, and my “Let’s Do It!” attitude motivated her to get it done.

We had a planning meeting on March 6th to develop the idea, which was originally called Streetmate.  However, as Lucy eventually found, there was a project already out that was very similar in concept, so we went with the title Pedestrian Crossing.   The premise was this: Find a total stranger on the streets of New York City, then find a match for her with another total stranger from the streets of New York.

Lucy and I played co-hosts and our daters were Marika and Eric. Lucy submitted our “pilot” for a television development contest.  We didn’t place, but we had a lot of fun with the challenge of shooting this one cold March morning in Union Square.


Here’s a screengrab of my interviewing Marika after her date.

Ben Hauck with Dater, Marika


Camera work by Alex Valderana with additional insert shots by Ben Hauck.

Filmed on Marcy 12, 2012, in Union Square, Manhattan, New York.


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