Diet Dr. Pepper & Yahoo! // “Valentine’s in Vegas”

Diet Dr. Pepper & Yahoo! // “Valentine’s in Vegas” 2014-05-21T11:04:28+00:00

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Pauly Shore & Ben Hauck

Pauly Shore & Ben Hauck Co-Host “Valentine’s in Vegas”

About This Project

This was an awesome event held in Las Vegas on Valentine’s Day, 2008. Yahoo! & Dr. Pepper set up three different wedding theme rooms and for 24 hours straight, we did a live webcast broadcasting the weddings with color commentary.

I was a co-host for the webcast along with four notable comedians (Dave Hill, my old improv teacher Billy Merritt, Lisa Arch, and Pauly Shore) and Mario Lopez, who made a guest appearance at the event. Tay Zonday — famous for his song “Chocolate Rain” — was there as well, and I got to interview him (though we can’t seem to locate the interview in the footage). The day before, I did some man on the street interviews with passers-by.

There are three videos. The first is my man on the street interview reel. The second is Pauly Shore’s highlight reel — Pauly and I had a lot of interaction and even did some improv together.  The last is a recap video.

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Man on the Street Interviews

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Co-Hosting with Pauly Shore

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The Ultimate Wedding Recap



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