Angie Atkinson // “All In My Head”

Angie Atkinson // “All In My Head” 2014-05-21T11:01:21+00:00

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My good friend, singer/songwriter Angie Atkinson, had penned a song and wanted to make a music video for it.  Titled “All In My Head,” she wanted the video for the song to show different men crossing her path.  Perhaps imaginary men?

I played a businessman in the video who is walking and talking on his cell phone when he suddenly comes upon Angie and ends up in one seriously passionate whirlwind of a kiss.

We shot in Washington Heights for maybe an hour at most in March 2012.  A fun shoot — and I ended up with a ton of lipstick on my mouth!


Music and lyrics by Angie Atkinson.

Shot on March 24, 2012, in Washington Heights, Manhattan, New York City.

The video uses a demo version of the song “All In My Head.”  Listen below for the polished recording from Angie’s excellent EP Double or Nothin’ available from Bandcamp.


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