Ben Hauck

Ben Hauck

In addition to acting and writing, there are a few other projects to which I dedicate my energy.


Here are a few of those projects.

stand-in-centralStand-In Central: A Helpful Resource for the TV/Film Stand-In

In March 2010, I founded the website Stand-In Central, the first and only website dedicated to providing information about job of the television and film stand-in. The website, updated every Wednesday night with tips, interviews, and useful information about standing in, has helped people become stand-ins for top actors and top productions.

Stand-In Central has also spun off The Stand-In Handbook, a downloadable ebook that compiles much of the website’s major information on standing in into a portable manual for later reading. In addition to founder, I also serve as editor of the website, and my work as a stand-in on films and television shows for top actors has informed the friendly, helpful posts in the website’s Tips & Tricks Blog.

custom-monologuesCustom Monologues

Launching in 2014 is Custom Monologues, a premier service I founded for providing actors with exclusive monologues tailored specifically to their talents.

I got the idea for Custom Monologues after having lots of success using audition material I wrote myself. A published writer with an acting and playwriting background, I wanted to help actors get material that they knew would show them off, written with a keen understanding of dramatic structure.

The Custom Monologues website also features a Monologue Store selling non-exclusive downloadable monologues I write from time to time.

the-infinite-needThe Infinite Need: The Hilarious, All-Improvised Web Series about Casting, Paying, and Playing

It started off as an experiment: My good friend Mandy May Cheetham and I wanted to improvise some scenes on film, and we wanted them to satirize some of the shenanigans that can and have happened when we have done paid auditions for casting directors.

The experiment was a thrilling success. In the experiment, we turned out a ten-episode web series titled The Infinite Need. The story chronicles one actress’s story as she auditions nine times for the same casting director, paying every time. Mandy plays the actress, and I play the casting director.

The series ran on YouTube during the summer of 2012. As a subversive series, it also won 17 iNeed Awards, sweeping the entire competition. The series is incredibly painful and incredibly funny. Check it out!

oer-the-hillsO’er the Hills: My Running Blog

In 2001, I ran my first marathon: the NYC Marathon. I also ran it in 2003 and 2005. I didn’t run it again until 2010. In the meantime, I ran the Philadelphia Marathon in 2009. Since these, I’ve run over twelve marathons including the 2011 and 2013 Boston Marathons. I’ve qualified three times for Boston.

I used to update my running blog, O’er the Hills, with a post after every run I did. Now, I mainly keep to blogging about the races I do. If you want insights into running a marathon — or if you’d like insight into what’s it’s like simply running a race in Central Park — give my running blog a read. I have a Garmin watch I use when I run, so you’ll see my routes and my moment-by-moment stats to inform your own runs!

Artist Interview Series

For a while I’d wanted to interview artists in depth. I’d wanted to see how they thought, how they saw things, how they did things.

One day while meeting up with Mandy May Cheetham, I brought my Flipcam. I asked if I could interview her, and at Shake Shack in Madison Square Park, over some fries with ketchup, I interviewed Mandy.

I continued to project whenever I met interesting people whose artistry I wanted to learn about. I put the extended interviews (complete with intentionally darting camera angles) up on YouTube, and I called them my Artist Interview Series.

general-semanticsThe Institute of General Semantics & The New York Society for General Semantics

Back in college, I stumbled across a journal titled ETC: A Review of General Semantics. The journal fascinated me with its odd collection of really helpful information. The journal and the books its pointed me to helped me to become versed in the subjects of general semantics, a subject that changed not just my writing but also my way of thinking.

I quickly became a member of the International Society for General Semantics, then the Institute of General Semantics, and after moving to New York City, the New York Society for General Semantics. Eventually, ISGS and IGS merged to become simply IGS, and it is for that organization I not only serve on its board, but I also volunteer as its webmaster, managing its online store and online persona.

I also serve on the board for NYSGS, having served as their webmaster in the past and revitalizing their image. I have since published a number of papers on general semantics. I hope you’ll get to know the subject, which isn’t so much about language as it is about teaching science and sanity.