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Really, Really Happy!

A Race!  Philadelphia Marathon 2017 7:33s  |  26.2 miles  |  ~51°F Today I ran the 2017 Philadelphia Marathon.  I completed it in 3:17:59 (7:33s).  It was really nice to run this race much faster than I ran the NYC Marathon two weeks ago. As a result of running Philly at this pace, I got validation that my [...]

Surprised, Not Disappointed

A Race!  NYC Marathon 2017 8:01s  |  26.2 miles  |  ~57°F Today I ran the 2017 NYC Marathon.  I completed it in 3:30:03 (8:01s).  While I’m not feeling disappointed, I’m more surprised at how slow my time was because I had thought I trained better for this! Here are my unofficial results per my Garmin: I studied up [...]