Finally! Some Respect for Jason Bateman’s Stand-in on The Baster!

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Note: The Baster has been retitled. It is now called The Switch!

I just now logged in to the Internet Movie Database page for The Baster, a film on which I worked last spring as Jason Bateman’s stand-in.

It has been about 7 months and for some reason after repeated attempts, the IMDb wasn’t accepting my credit for working on the film, despite being on set for all 39 days of shooting in NYC. But I now see that my credit has finally been accepted!

Also, the film now has a release date in the U.S. for August 20, 2010. So interesting that The Bounty, a Jennifer Aniston film shot after The Baster wrapped, is coming out before it!

I’ve created a short URL that will take you directly to the IMDb page for The Baster. Type it in when you want to know information about the film:

New Essay Published in ETC: A Review of General Semantics

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Today I received in the mail Volume 66, No. 3, of the journal ETC: A Review of General Semantics.

In it is included my essay titled “The Day Michael Jackson Died.” I will put the essay online as soon as I get ahold of a .pdf of the essay.

In the meantime, if you’d like to watch the original presentation of the essay at the Across the Generations Conference at Fordham University in September 2009, click here.

Humira Gastro Photo Shoot Online

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Today I (finally) added to my Gallery some photos taken from my photo shoot for Humira Gastro, a prescription drug marketed to those people with Crohn’s Disease.

I put the photos under “Print & Modeling Work.” Here‘s a brochure created from the photo shoot.

UPDATE: I was contacted on July 19, 2012, by Abbott claiming ownership over the “creative layouts” associated with this shoot. I have removed these items from my website.

Yahoo! “World’s Biggest Brain” Videos Online … Finally!

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Okay, a bit earlier than I expected, I got about 25 videos online from my June 2006 gig as host for the webcast for the Yahoo! Answers “World’s Biggest Brain” event in Times Square.

I interviewed people like Deepak Chopra, Russell Simmons, Beth Ostrosky, Arianna Huffington, Todd English, Randal Pinkett, and a number of other interesting people.

The videos are on my Videos page, but you can go straight to them by clicking here!

More Content Additions! (More??)

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I’ve pushed myself to get some online some new content I’ve procrastinated putting online because it takes so darn long to prep it. But here you have it!

  • My new headshots with Deborah Lopez are online! I’ve added them to my Acting page as well as my Gallery page under “Headshots.” You’ll also see some new photos rotating randomly in the big photo pane above this column; they’re from my shoot with Deborah Lopez.
  • A hilarious video I did with Infusion Development CEO Greg Brill last summer is now online (in an edited version). It was a spoof on the famous “Mac vs. PC” ads. I edited out some material so that it was just the funny exchanges between Greg and me. Check it out here.
  • I am now hosting the 6 videos from “Diet Dr. Pepper Love at First Sip presented by Yahoo!,” a 3-city speed-dating event for which I was the host. Check them out here.
  • I finally got around to putting up a photo shoot I did with photographer Damon Alfonso and a model-friend living in Montreal. These are never-before-seen shots. Find them in my Gallery under “Print & Modeling Work.”

There are a few other things that are coming pretty soon. For one, I have a print ad I did for the prescription drug Humira in queue. Also, I have maybe about 20 videos to put online from 2006’s Yahoo! Answers “World’s Biggest Brain” event in Times Square for whose webcast I served as its host and interviewed people like Deepak Chopra, Russell Simmons, Arianna Huffington, and a slew of other celebrities and interesting people. Those may take me a few days to get fully up. Once those things are up, I’m pretty much caught up with my backlog of Ben Hauck online content additions!

Also of note, I decided for now to forego a personal blog and instead have decided on a blog on general semantics and particularly unsanity from the general semantics perspective. It will correspond with a regular feature in the works for ETC: A Review of General Semantics, the major journal for general semantics. For now it is going by the name “Off the Map.” I hope to have it launched by March.

And speaking of March launches, I also aim to debut a brand-new web endeavor in serve to screen actors I work with and will work with. I’m keeping it hush for now, but I’ll give more hints into the endeavor as I get closer to its launch (hopefully March 1st).

Reverend Nader Galore! New Improvised Sermon Online + Michelle Williams Carroll Shoot

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I just got online the awesome photo shoot of The Reverend Raymond Nader that I did last October with photographer Michelle Williams Carroll. Below is a sampling of shots from the shoot (may take a few seconds for the photos to load). Learn more by visiting my Gallery page.

And just below that, I performed an improvised sermon titled “Alcohol” at The Barrow Group last night for “The Blue Plate Special.” Special thanks to Bethel Caram for filming the sermon!

“The Reverend Raymond Nader”

Photos by Michelle Williams Carroll

[nggallery id=17]


A comic improvised sermon

If you don’t see a video, you probably need to install Flash.

[Click here to launch this video in the movie theater]

Running Time: 13:03

For more details on the sermon, or to comment, visit the webpage for this sermon:

New York Daily News Articles about Kaufman Astoria Studios

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I just came across an article in the New York Daily News about Kaufman Astoria Studios via the studio’s Twitter feed. Kaufman Astoria is where I regularly worked recently on Season 2 of the Showtime series Nurse Jackie.

Click here for the article

(And it’s true what they say about Edie Falco. I saw her outside the studio once, before I started working regularly with her inside the studio!)

What’s cool about this article is that it’s my neighborhood for the last 5+ years. And for all the praise the article gives, it is spot on: It’s a wonderful area. However, the article makes the area sound a bit more bustling than what it is. For the most part, it’s a pretty quiet area. “Peaceful” is probably a better word. It is turning out to be an oasis of sorts in New York City.

Erin Outlund, an actor interviewed in the article, is apparently my neighbor. Erin, if you’re reading this, send me an email to say Hi!

Now Live: “O’er the Hills” // My Running Blog

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“O’er the Hills” » Ben’s Running Blog

I just got my new running blog online. Check it out!

It only took a couple of days of tweaking here and there to find something that generally I liked in a design. I based the blog design off of a free theme by NodeThirtyThree; the theme was just about exactly what I was looking for and more! The colors appealed to me, the general outdoorsy feel of it did too, and bonus was the inspirational “goal just over the horizon” imagery. Running marathons is very much like that kind of goal. And most of my running is in training for marathons.

There won’t be much in the way of content for a little bit of time, but definitely as I close in on training for the NYC Marathon 2010 you will see content. I’m guessing I’ll get back to running sometime this month or next. Hopefully it will be in snow, because I have YakTrax and I love to use them! They’re incredible!

And by the way, you can easily access my running blog via the gray box on the right that says “RUNNING BLOG.” Click on it from time to time!