Website Redesign for Milton Dawes

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Early this morning I released the brand-new version of the website for Milton Dawes.

I have been webmaster for Milton for a few years, inheriting a simple, out-of-date website that served as an online library of his published and unpublished writings. I had been wanting to redesign Milton’s site for him for some time. Continually dangling the carrot in front of Milton that I’d been giving it some thought, I finally buckled down, found some time, and had some inspiration to overhaul his website. I found a WordPress theme that fit his design interests (and the color scheme in his shirt!), and sure enough, he liked it, too. Very quickly, I was able to build a demo site for him, and not very long after, I went ahead and redesigned his website. The whole process of redesigning his website took me I believe less than 24 hours. I did most of it yesterday and finished off some touches today. It could have gone faster had I not had to take out some ugly code that was creeping into the new site from the old site.

Technically the new website is in beta as I learn about its kinks and get Milton contributing blog content (that will round out the design). Milton last-minute explained that he wanted to title the website “General Semantics” and have it be about that rather than about him. I think that’s an interesting shift in light of his domain name. I am curious how that branding works with his site.

As for the design, it’s pretty exciting, and I might dare say it’s the most attractive website related to general semantics that currently exists (and I know about). When you refresh the page or visit a new page, the whole color scheme changes randomly. There are little boxes showing blog content that automatically move in and drop off of the homepage. I’ve named a few categories for posts, and given some room for tagging. I still have to teach Milton a bit about how to use WordPress, but I think he’ll like it and he’ll be able to write more often about general semantics.

If you have any feedback, comment below, else send Milton a message on his Contact page. If you like the website and his writings, I bet he’d love the feedback!

Watch the TV for Me!

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I have been working on a number of episodes for different TV shows shot in NYC. If you watch TV, you might see me pop up upcoming episodes of Nurse Jackie, Gossip Girl, The Good Wife, Law & Order, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Ugly Betty, and other shows. If you do, please drop me an email via my Contact page.

To get a sense of what episodes I’m appearing in, scroll down the page and look at my News Tag Cloud. Click on the link for the specific show and you’ll see what episodes I plugged away on.

Videos Online for 2 New Improvised Sermons!

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I just put on my Videos page the videos from two different improvised sermons I did as The Reverend Raymond Nader this weekend in the curated variety show titled “Stone Skipping” at the Brooklyn Arts Exchange. The sermons were inspired by the audience suggestions of “Healthcare” and “Pedophilia.”

New Résumé Online

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Recently I realized with the revamping of my website and the creation of new headshots, all around a font a really liked, I best also update my website to align my brand better.

That I did, and I’ve put online my brand new acting résumé. You can find it on my Acting page, or just view it by clicking here.

Upcoming Sermons Mentioned in BAX Newsletter

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Here’s a link to a Brooklyn Arts Exchange newsletter with an exciting interview with my friend Victoria Libertore (I designed her website for her), who is also co-hosting “Stone Skipping” at BAX February 5-6, 2010. In that show, I’ll be doing improvised sermons as The Reverend Raymond Nader. In the newsletter link, you’ll find a photograph of me as The Reverend.