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New Essay Published in “ETC: A Review of General Semantics” // “The Challenges Facing General Semantics”

etc-70-3-coverEarlier this year as a board member for the Institute of General Semantics, I was posed three questions:

  1. In what ways and to what extent can GS continue to assist in the development of society in the contemporary (e.g. PTSD)?
  2. What are the primary challenges currently facing GS?
  3. What should be/ could be the future direction of the GS?

My response became an essay just published in our journal, ETC: A Review of General Semantics. The essay is the first for the new column titled “Perspectives.”

The essay — titled […]

New Essay Published in “ETC: A Review of General Semantics”

etc-70-3-coverAn essay I wrote this year redefining the field of semantics to better understand and define the field of general semantics was recently published in the journal ETC: A Review of General Semantics.

The essay — titled “On Semantics and General Semantics: Redefining the Former to Understand the Latter” — appears in ETC Volume 70, Issue 3 and kicks off the issue as the lead article.

Improvised Music Recording // With Angie Atkinson

Yesterday into early this morning I prompted singer/songwriter Angie Atkinson with suggestions for songs as she improvised vocally and with ukelele.  I also filmed the entire 40-minute engagement.

Not sure if someday the film will make it online fully or in pieces, but Angie created some pretty moving songs on the fly.

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New Video Series // “Reading ‘Long-Form Improv'” with Ben Hauck

Today I released the first videos of my new series supplementing the chapters of my book Long-Form Improv.  The series is titled “Reading Long-Form Improv and it’s viewable on my YouTube channel.

Each video is dedicated to a chapter in my book, and each fleshes out the topics in the chapter for even better understanding.

I’ll be releasing videos periodically, so subscribe to my YouTube channel to be emailed updated!


Ben’s Book “Long-Form Improv” Mentioned in Otterbein Towers Magazine

In the Fall 2012 issue of Otterbein Towers, my book received a mention in the Otterbein Book Corner section on page 27, where four other authors connected to Otterbein are also listed.

It reads:

Ben Hauck ’98 recently published LongForm Improv: The Complete Guide to Creating Characters, Sustaining Scenes and Performing Extraordinary Harolds.  He also produced and co-starred in the comedic improvised web series, The Infinite Need.  The series is about casting workshops in Los Angeles and New York City.

Mentions of the other authors can be found online by clicking here.

Interview on “Long-Form Improv” with Lucy-Jade Norris // “On Deck with Lucy” Web Series

The über-talented Lucy-Jade Norris hosts On Deck with Lucy, an interview series that features talent, trends, and tastes of New York City.  She interviewed me for Episode 3, and here’s the video which just came out.

In the video we cover my book Long-Form Improv, my all-improvised web series The Infinite Need, and the improvised sermons I do as the Reverend Raymond Nader.  Have a watch!

Interview // “Improvised New York” Podcast

This morning I did an interview with Elizabeth Quinn for her Improvised New York podcast. The interview will be the substance for Episode 47.

Subscribe to her fantastic podcast which interviews all kinds of improvisers on iTunes or listen on Podbean when it’s released a little later this month.

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Two Twitterplays // New York Neo-Futurists Challenge

Last night on Twitter, the New York Neo-Futurists (@NYNeoFuturists) put up a challenge to write a one-tweet play that included an impossible stage direction.

I wrote two, and they were reposted on the New York Neo-Futurists website.

Click here to view the entries (look under @benhauck):


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Now Published: “The Stand-In Handbook” by Ben Hauck with Sara DeRosa // Available for Download at Stand-In Central

This week I published the downloadable PDF ebook The Stand-In Handbook on Stand-In Central, a website that provides information and insight about the job of the television and film stand-in.  I founded Stand-In Central and serve as its editor.

Co-authored with Sara DeRosa, The Stand-In Handbook culls articles from the Stand-In Central website into a portable document for easy study the night before a big stand-in gig.  With over 34 chapters in 127 pages, there is no more complete resource on standing in than The Stand-In Handbook!

Click here to order your downloadable copy […]

Welcome to the Brand New Ben Hauck online!

Over the past few months, I’ve been considering a total redesign of my website, Ben Hauck online.  Here it is!

Since my focus is now exclusively on my acting career, I wanted to centralize my acting career on my website.  I wanted to make it so that you could quickly and easily find out about my acting career and see some of my work.  My other endeavors, like writing and general semantics, I’ve de-emphasized from this new version of the website.  They are still here (or are in the process of being added), just less obvious.  The only exception is the […]

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