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The NYC Marathon is cancelled Sunday. So I’m running a marathon in Central Park on Sunday. Wanna join me? Read on.

Hi. My name is Ben Hauck.  And I’m going to run a marathon on Sunday.

Not the ING NYC Marathon, because it’s been cancelled.  Instead, I’m going to run one in Central Park.

I’m going to use my Garmin 610 and run 4+ loops around the park until my watch tells me I’ve run a marathon.

Perhaps you’ll want to join me.

I’m just a guy. A guy who wants to run that day.


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Marathon // The Atlantic City Marathon 2012 // 3:15:14

Today I ran the Atlantic City Marathon 2012 in 3:15:14, which oddly enough is 2 seconds faster than I ran the Boston Marathon 2011.

This means that to date, today’s marathon is my fourth fastest marathon.

For a more detailed account of my race along with a map and my splits, check out my running blog O’er the Hills.  Click here for the exact entry.

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Ben (Mis)Quoted in New York Magazine

In a June 3, 2012, article in New York Magazine (see the article online here), I was quoted in a story about feet.

Or rather, misquoted.  Despite my correcting a fact checker about what I said, somehow this quote made it into article on the topic of 2XU compression socks, which I’ve used in marathon training:

“These are the same socks the elderly wear to prevent blood clots. They keep your circulation flowing so your feet still feel comfortable after a long day of training.” —Ben Hauck, marathon runner

2XU socks are not “the same socks the elderly wear.”  Compression socks are […]

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Mizuno Running // Wave Prophecy Video // “Mizuno Girl”

Today my video submission for the Wave Prophecy Video Competition officially went online at Mizuno Running.

The video, titled “Mizuno Girl” and listed on the Mizuno microsite as “Wave Prophecy Hits the Pavement,” was made with Elizabeth Ann Corkum in April 2011 in Central Park in New York City. The video was made in a single take without editing. It features the brand-new shoe, the Mizuno Wave Prophecy, which is an incredibly engineered shoe that practically does my walking and running […]