Parody Song // “Neckbeards and Land Whales”

So, my friend vlogger Aimée Davison was telling me she was having trouble laying down vocals for a parody song she was creating for her YouTube channel called LOLpervs.  The song was about two popular internet concepts — “neckbeards” and “land whales” — which respectively refer to beard growth on a neck and obese people.

I can’t speak for having an opinion on these topics, though Aimée forwarded me the lyrics after I volunteered to lay them down for her.  I don’t have a very good audio setup at home so after I sent her my take, Aimée layered over her vocals (which were laid in Canada, so while we’re international we sound as if we’re in the same studio!).

Here’s the video she came up with.  It’s pretty great.  I know after watching you’ll realize that “great” is a relative term, but hopefully you won’t!

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