Welcome to the Brand New Ben Hauck online!

Over the past few months, I’ve been considering a total redesign of my website, Ben Hauck online.  Here it is!

Since my focus is now exclusively on my acting career, I wanted to centralize my acting career on my website.  I wanted to make it so that you could quickly and easily find out about my acting career and see some of my work.  My other endeavors, like writing and general semantics, I’ve de-emphasized from this new version of the website.  They are still here (or are in the process of being added), just less obvious.  The only exception is the emphasis of my forthcoming book, which I’ve linked to in the menu.  (Coming in September 2012!)

Some features that I think are really cool that you’ll see are the Photos and Videos galleries.  They are sortable and animated and really quite snazzy.  I still have a little bit of polishing to do inside each individual project mentioned, so please bear with me.  Hopefully they “wow” you as they “wowed” me!

You’ll also notice the homepage.  It has an incredible frontpage slideshow.  Coming soon will be featured videos at the bottom of the homepage.  Not to mention that, I’ll also be adding more and more video content, as I put more emphasis on video creations.

I still update my news blog regularly, so make sure you subscribe to it via RSS or else check back.  In the meantime, if you need to get ahold of me, try me via my Contact page.

Thanks for checking out the new Ben  Hauck online!


Ben Hauck

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Ben Hauck is an actor based in New York City.

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