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Hi! I’m Ben Hauck.

I’m an actor.

I’ve also written a book on improv.

Current Projects

January 2018 – I’m putting the finishing touches on the major redesign of my website. Phew!

In 2017, I completed Season 4 of HBO’s series Last Week Tonight, standing in for John Oliver. We won our second Emmy Award this year!

I also appeared on Good Morning America, did an ad campaign for Calvin Klein coming out in 2018, played the lead in an episode of Animal Planet’s Monsters inside Me, worked the first season on the upcoming Netflix series Seven Seconds, recorded news stories for the News-O-Matic app, and taught corporate long-form improv for Infusion Development.

Oh, and I ran the NYC and Philadelphia Marathons two weeks apart. Good times!

Latest News

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Upcoming Appearances

January 1, 2099

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