Hi! I’m Ben Hauck.

I’m an actor.

I’ve also written a book on improv.

Current Projects

February 2019 – One month in, and things are starting to happen. Exciting — and also curious!

Season 6 of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver starts up mid-month, and I’ll be joining it for my fifth season. It’s hard to believe that I’ve worked on 118 episodes so far! I’m very excited about the return to the Emmy-winning HBO series, where I work as John’s stand-in.

Speaking of HBO, I’m hoping to increase my attention on a television project that has been on my to-do last for a couple years now. Last month I did some development and I’ll be ramping that up in February. It’s another thing about which to be very excited. Get in touch with me if you want to know more.

I’ve recently rejuvenated Stand-In Central with this video and Fi-Core Central with this video, which were things I wanted to begin the year doing. I also spoke with an entertainment magazine for an upcoming story out this month, and I’ll be curious to see if one of these sites makes it in.

After finishing recording my first full-length audiobook last month — Brandon Seigel’s forthcoming book, The Private Practice Survival Guide — I’m optimistic it will be available on Audible in February. It’s a stimulating read on starting a serious business in the health and wellness field. Possibly this month, I’ll start work on the audiobook for Martin Levinson’s general semantics book, Practical Fairy Tales for Everyday Living. The revised second edition came out late last year, and it’s a hilarious adult read.

My side business of voiceovers seems to have been growing, with more and more new customers becoming repeat customers. Sometimes I’m having long days fitting things in, but so far so good! I find I really enjoy the work. So … Do you need a voiceover? If so, get in touch here!

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