Hi! I’m Ben Hauck.

I’m an actor.

I’ve also written a book on improv.

Current Projects

January 2019 – It’s a new year, and I already see myself trying to up my professional game!

For 2019, I’m plotting ways to expand some of my current projects and build my voiceover clientele — not to mention up my acting career. I’m hoping for higher profile gigs this year — both dramatic and commercial. That will take hard work and business savvy. It might not so much be luck that will get me there; I get the sense it’s more about preparation and focus.

That said, I’m really grateful for the opportunities I do have! This month, I’ll be finishing up my work on NBC’s popular drama Manifest, which has been a truly wonderful experience since landing on the television series this past October. My other long-term job — on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver — will start back up in mid-February, and I look forward to returning for Season 6.

As I find pockets of time this month, I’ll be finishing recording the audiobook for Brandon Seigel’s forthcoming book, The Private Practice Survival Guide. It’s a stimulating read on starting a serious business in the health and wellness field. I hope it’ll be on Audible around the time the book is out in February.

After that, I aim to start work on the audiobook for Martin Levinson’s general semantics book, Practical Fairy Tales for Everyday Living. The revised second edition came out late last year, and it’s a hilarious adult read.

I’m hoping for a happy and healthy new year! Get in touch if you’d like me to join your project.

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